Quality Secondary Education in Emergencies (QSEE)

Poor teaching quality and low proportions of qualified teachers consistently features as a critical challenge for children’s learning across all educational subsectors. Those in the secondary subsectors are mostly affected according to the Somalia (ESSP 2018-2020). Currently, there is no coordination or coherence across the various subsectors that address on-going teacher development, and thus each subsector may have variations in how they approach this issue. For instance, the existing colleges only provide training to primary teacher education on In-service and Pre-service, thus huge teacher gaps are left in secondary sub sectors in Somalia, more particularly in Juba land.
Windle provides on the Job Diploma Secondary Teacher Training to 10 (30% female) teachers in Kismayo in partnership with Juba land Teacher Training College in response to improving quality of education in the secondary sub-sector as a pilot project. WISOM prioritized to improving the capacity of secondary teachers through the formation of Professional Learning Communities (PLCs) at school level that will enhance Continuous Professional Development (CPD) through the mini-coaching sessions organized by the trained teachers with the help of MoECHL in Jubaland Department of quality assurance and JTTC.
The project improves long term access and quality to secondary education for the community that are affected by conflicts and crisis in Somalia using innovative accelerated learning approaches and blended teacher training programs. This is expected to improve the outcomes of the over 4,000 (40% girls) learners across various schools in Jubaland.