DAFI Scholarship Program

WISOM is the implementing partner for UNHCR for the Albert Einstein German Academic Refugee Initiative (DAFI) programme in Somalia/Somaliland. The DAFI scholarship programme offers qualified refugee and returnee students the possibility to earn an undergraduate degree in their country of asylum or home country. The programme contributes to self-reliance of young refugee women and men by providing them with higher education qualifications geared towards future gainful employment, entrepreneurship, post graduate studies or other livelihoods.
The WISOM DAFI programme supports refugees and refugee returnees by managing their scholarships to study at Universities in Somaliland, South Central Somalia, and Puntland. The result is students who would otherwise have not been able to attend higher education institutions due to funding and other barriers, working towards attaining higher level qualifications and securing stronger, more resilient futures for themselves, their families, and their communities.