About Windle International-SOM

WISOM exists to create lasting change and transformation in society by delivering quality education and training for refugees, conflict-affected communities and people in need in Somalia and Somaliland
. WISOM is a member of Windle International. Windle International is an international NGO with a network of members are based in, and operating across, eastern Africa.Click here for more information.
We share the Windle name and work together to ensure that education transforms society.
WISOM works in Somalia and Somaliland and has specific projects in Puntland, Jubaland and Mogadishu. Windle International is registered in Somalia and Somaliland and has a physical presence and on-going programming that supports basic and tertiary education. Since 2018, we have supported over 5,000 children, supplying educational materials, peer-counsellor training, professional development for teachers, mentorship, and re-usable facemasks and COVID-19 preventative information to learners and teachers. Windle implement Tertiary scholarship Program (DAFI) on behalf of UNHCR across Somalia and Somaliland. Click here to find out more about our programmes.
We have a long history of supporting Somali refugees through programmes across Kenya, particularly in the Dadaab refugee camp. In addition to our reputation for delivering high-quality inclusive education programmes, we have strong relationships with Somali communities. In 2018, Windle International was invited to start implementing education interventions in Somalia. Since then, WISOM has established excellent relationships with all key stakeholders. We are regional co-leads for the education cluster for Lower Juba region, responsible for coordinating education activities of NGOs and government representatives.

Windle’s founder – Dr Hugh Austin Windle Pilkington

In 1977 Dr Hugh Pilkington was teaching at the University of Nairobi and pursuing his interest in ancient scriptural texts, which were written in the Ethiopic language of Geez. Through his work he met young refugees who had fled violence in Ethiopia, desperate to continue their education but unable to do so. Using his own funds and contacts, he sought to secure places at Cambridge or Oxford (where he had studied for his own Bachelors and PhD), to give them an opportunity to fulfil their education potential.
Having realised the extent of the crisis and future repercussions for the whole region, Hugh established Windle International Kenya (then called Windle Trust Kenya) to sponsor young people who had the educational potential and commitment to their studies. The universities responded to this vision by offering scholarships, giving the students hope for their future.
A visionary of breadth and insight, Hugh could see that unless the young of the country were able to get an education and continue their learning, when peace was declared and refugees returned there would be no-one in a position to sustain peace, to develop systems and infrastructure and rebuild the country. There was therefore a greater danger of returning to conflict. Hugh's understanding was ahead of its time, but is now recognised as a vital part of breaking the cycle of conflict.
Hugh passionately believed in the power of the individual to make a difference. He believed that Africans should be the architects of their own future and that the solutions and opportunities for peaceful development are contained within Africa and its people through access to good educational opportunities.
In 1988 Hugh Pilkington was tragically killed in a car accident when attending a conference in Canada on the Rights of Refugees. Today, his legacy lives on in the work of all the Windle members and the significant impact we make together in supporting refugees, host communities, internally-displaced people and communities who have been affected by conflict and marginalisation across Eastern Africa.

WISOM’s vision is a global family of educated empowered and engaged people from conflict affected backgrounds leading peaceful, dignified, and productive lives. Our mission is to create lasting change and transformation in society by delivering quality education and training, advocating for, and influencing education policy for refugees, the needy and conflict affected communities in Somalia and Somaliland

Our Values:

Trust :We conduct business in an honest, trustworthy and transparent manner,

Respect :We value and uphold the dignity, potential, worth and right of every human being,

Accountability :We assure value for money and good stewardship of resources entrusted to us,

Committment :We strive to attain the highest standards in all that we do and work together effectively to serve humanity,

Equity :We uphold and promote elimination of barriers for equitable access to opportunities for all.